Spring Face Mask: Banana, raw honey, argan oil and oats for dehydrated skin

Ah, the Easter holidays. Shorter nights and a very welcome few lazy days off work. But, what the Easter Bunny gives (an abundance of chocolate?) she also takes away. While the changeable spring weather so often means occasional and beautifully heart warming sunshine it is likely to be followed by blasts of central heating as the sun goes down and brings with it an icy chill and a reminder that we’ve only just waved goodbye to winter.

And if you’re like me, your skin will be complaining. The skin on my face always suffers when a change is afoot in the seasons. Pollen, air temperature and heaven knows what else plays havoc with the stability of my skincare routine and often equals skin that is dry, dehydrated, puffy and creased.


This is not uncommon for me, so often it’s either like this or it is red and inflamed with a few hives thrown in for good measure. During these outbreaks I find it so hard to moisturise my skin sufficiently without my face looking slicked up with grease and so I have been reading up on some natural alternatives.

There has been much written on the anti-inflammatory benefits of raw honey, the moisturising properties of banana and the exfoliating action of oats so I decided to make a face mask out of the whole lot. I decided to throw in some argan oil for good measure because I’d been meaning to try it for a while for its supposed super hydrating properties.

As it is the Easter school holidays and I had no-where to go I thought I’d give it a go.


This is what I used: a nice ripe banana, some porridge oats, some raw honey (this is pure honeycomb from Sussex) and some pure argan oil.


Mixed it all up and mashed it with a fork.


Next, now don’t laugh – I grabbed a dollop and rubbed it all over gently letting the oats do their exfoliating thing. I was so flakey I gave it a really good rub – but still kept it nice and gentle. And did all of this over the sink so the oats didn’t go all over the floor!


After that I ran myself a warm bath and let the whole lot sink in for about 15 minutes. During which time the dog wandered in while I had my eyes closed and tried to lick the whole thing off my face!

After 15 minutes I washed the whole lot off and applied my usual moisturiser.


I was still a little sore but much more hydrated and the puffiness had gone down considerably. And now, typing this at the end of the day my whole face has definitely calmed down and feels quite soothed. So far so good. I’m planning on giving this another go in a few days and will report back on the results. Just going to try and avoid yellow fluffy bears for a few days…

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