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Queasy and cheesy: Kefir for Eczema Diary Week One

*post update – kefir has definitely helped my eczema symptoms, so I started making my own. Find out how here* After hearing Shann …

10 ways to take on the world with a face full of eczema

You’ve woken up with an angry eczema flare on your face, you’ve got to go out. What do you do? Here’s 10 ways to get through the day when your eczema is at its worst.

Eczema ‘breakthrough’ reported on Australian TV

A new eczema ‘breakthrough’ was reported on Australian TV this week. Speaking on the Australian breakfast television programme, Today, Dr Ross Walker announced a new …

Skin Salvation, Selexir Peace Balm, Gentle Green Soothing Cream – early impressions

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying out a few potions that have hit the market – all with anecdotal …

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