10 ways to take on the world with a face full of eczema

You’ve woken up with an angry eczema flare on your face, you’ve got to go out. What do you do?

1. Stop comparing yourself to pictures in magazines.

Right now. No one looks like that, especially you. You are a three dimensional living, breathing human being. No one but you will be staring straight into your face under the harsh light of your bathroom mirror.

2. No, you can’t wear any make-up today – yes, it’s a pain but you can’t do anything about it.

Waste no more time, move on. Have another cup of coffee in the time you’ve saved.

can you wear make up when you have eczema

3. Take a long slow breath, close your eyes, how do you really feel?

Does the eczema on your face hurt? If it was on your arm, under your clothes would you care? Ask yourself why you feel bad – is it just about the way you look? If it is, good news you have the power to change the way you feel.
be free from eczema

4. Look in the mirror and smile.

A smile is your best weapon to attack your own discomfort and to show everyone else you’re OK.

smile when you have eczema

5. Do not apologise for the state of your face, not even once.

There is no shame, it’s not your fault. It’s just a face and you can still use it to talk, laugh and smile.
don't apologise for your eczema

6. Stress can cause an eczema flare up

But this isn’t your fault either, everyone gets stressed and sometimes you can’t do anything about it. Sh*! happens. End the viscous cycle here. Now.

combat the stress that causes eczema

7. Stop touching and covering up your face with your hands

Besides the fact that you need to keep your skin clean and infection free – you’re making it an issue, you’re drawing attention to your discomfort. Sit on your hands. Smile.
keep your eczema face clean and free of infection

8. Don’t turn down an invitation.

Your friends want to be with you, they want to hear you talk, share a joke, laugh. Don’t hide away. Believe me, missing out will make you feel even worse. Smile and say yes please.
will my friends still accept me with eczema

9. Getting through the day will be a challenge

But if you do it – you will have taken control and I guarantee only good things will happen. It will make you feel full of worth and your bravery will make you feel like an eczema warrior!
how to beat eczema

10. Do it for everyone else who suffers from facial eczema

… and who might not be as brave as you. Every person who has seen your face today has had a misconception blown out of the water, that looking crap makes you feel crap. No more hiding, no more shame.

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